Quality Materials and Work Guaranteed.

Milling & Paving

From profile milling to surface course overlay to full-depth, full-lane repairs, our personnel are trained to identify potential subgrade issues in order to help our customers make the right choice when we are performing the work. With extensive experience within the utility service marketplace, L&L employees take pride in performing the utmost quality for every project, independent of the size or scope of the job.

Material Supply

Bituminous Concrete - All types of HMA asphalt; 24/7 pick up or delivery. Topsoil, Stone, and Sand.

Dumpster Services

10 to 30 yard roll off service for roofing and construction debris removal. Specialty asbestos service when required.

Infrared Repair

Infrared repair is the only treatment that can be implemented all year round. With 5 state of the art units with the ability to carry 4 tons of hot mix asphalt, our teams of experienced technicians can perform any size repair. Specializing in all phases of utility line work and commercial projects, our crews have the experience to tackle any asphalt repair.

Emergency Response

Roadway asphalt patch repairs, concrete and ground restoration. Our team of experience personnel are available 24/7 to perform all your emergency restoration needs.
About Us

The L&L Companies

  • L&L Paving Co. Inc
  • Greenway Industries of New Jersey, LLC (DBA, Greenway Material)
  • FABCOR Inc.

The L&L Companies are Purveyors of Quality services, paving, and asphalt mix designs. Owned and Operated by two brothers that are reputable, caring and dedicated Americans. Lance and Lawrence Redaelli started their first business, L&L Paving Co., in 1992 and together their reputation, tenacity and high-quality work have helped them expand into related businesses to become leaders in the industry.

Greenway Material is proud to announce the opening of a brand new bituminous concrete manufacturing plant. As a manufacturer of bituminous concrete materials, we are able to control the overall quality of the materials sold, and take great pride in being able to fully serve our customers with the highest standards in place.

One of the secrets to our longtime success and continued growth comes from our steadfast commitment and consistency in maintaining a dedicated and customer-oriented staff. Respect, customer consideration, delivering expert service on time, and manufacturing quality asphalt materials are our highest priorities. These core beliefs are the heart of our business and what drive our actions throughout the entire process on every job.

Our customers have come to expect that they will be treated in high regard when they choose The L&L Companies because we understand that the most important part of our business is our customers’ satisfaction. Our goal is to provide not only quality work completed in a timely manner, as well as the manufacturing of the highest of quality asphalt material, but to do so with the caring and considerations that our customers and the industry as a whole deserves.

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